One, Two  introduces the Bandimal characters and illustrates the danger of unsafe activities.

One, Two, how are you?
Three Four, I hope you're not sore.
Five, Six, it's hard to do tricks,
Seven Eight, Nine, Ten —
on a skateboard with friends.

If I Were King  offers the reader some important reasons for avoiding laziness.

Friends  promotes safety in numbers, and caution with strangers in unfamiliar places.

Friends.  Don't leave home without one.
Someone there to lend a hand,
to keep you safe or yell real loud,
if a stranger looks a little stranger than they should.

Try not to be unkind,
but keep your distance.  Don't be blind.
They may have an evil plan
just forming in their mind.

I Like  offers varied and specific reasons to help the reader enjoy school.

Hold on Do Right  addresses self-destructive behavior of any kind. It offers some solid counsel on confronting dangerous influences.

Hold on.  Do right.
Look out for a trap waiting for a bite.
There are so many snares laying just out of sight,
but you'll miss them if you just DO RIGHT.

If I Just Stay in School  reinforces the value of education and the school experience.

I Guess I'm Ready For It All  airs summer vacation plans that turn into work. It resolves and ends with a new appreciation for school and its activities.

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Difficult words/concepts for the emerging reader are highlighted and shown with asterisk * and explanation.