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If I Were King

If I were king,
if I were king...
I'll tell you what I'd do.
I'd pass out ice cream to my friends
and we'd stay home from school.

And if we couldn't write or read
or think a problem through,
I guess that someone would be there
to help us.  Wouldn't you?

But if I lost my kingdom
and my castle and my land,
and all my friends deserted me
and wouldn't lend a hand,

I guess I'd better concentrate
instead of playing fool.
If I'm going to learn to pay my way,
guess I'd better stay in school.

I Like

I like reading,
how the words all
take me where they do.
And I like adding numbers for their sums.

I like recess with the other kids;
it's great when we can play.
Expecially baseball,
when the sixth grade comes.

I like to write my stories,
and it's kind of fun to read them
in front of all the class when it's my turn!

And when I think of school
and what is favorite to me,
I guess I'd have to say,
“I like to learn.”
I guess I'd have to say,
“I like to learn.”

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Difficult words/concepts for the emerging reader are highlighted and shown with asterisk * and explanation.