Mission Statement

"That the reader remember the thoughts and use them to their best advantage in life is the intention of the book."
— Herb Bridgman

About the Author

Herb Bridgman is a songwriter, arranger and author living in Cherry Valley, California.

As a lay minister and counselor at the Larry Smith Correctional Facility in Banning, California, Bridgman found illiteracy and the lack of positive values from early childhood to be the most common handicap of prisoners.

This insight, combined with his love of music and songwriting, led to thoughts of creating a positive musical resource to benefit young people during their emergent years in reading and character development.

Comments from the Education Community

“This is a quality publication that addresses the most important issues of our time morals and values for our young children. We have incorporated the series into our curriculum. The musical approach makes it useful for all ages.

Thank you for providing a framework for the development of accountable behavior in America's children.”

Georgann S. Koenig, M.A., Executive Director
San Gorgonio Child Care Consortium
“Having been an educator for the past 30 years, I believe that Herb Bridgman's book, Songs for School V1 with the The Bandimals, provides a fresh approach to introduce and reinforce positive values while helping young children of all ages discover the joy of music.”

Larry Brown, M. Ed.
Teacher Support Center, Riverside, California
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